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RLH Training Limited is the “brainchild” of Rita Hockman and was founded in September 2008 in order to fill a gap in the market where training in Food Safety & Hygiene and Health & Safety at Work are pre-requisites and, now legal requirements, for both established and start-up businesses.

All sectors are required by law, to have some form of basic training in order to ensure their continuing success and to meet ongoing legal requirements. It is this very need that we, at RLH Training specialise in fulfilling. We work together with businesses to set up the basic first steps and then seek to ensure continuing training and development as the business grows and its needs change and expand. Staff motivation and encouragement are ever present in our mind as we look to tailor our courses to meet your requirements.

We are independent training consultants and Rita Hockman, accredited as a trainer to both the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), has been delivering training courses since the year 2000. With Rita’s background which includes working for large retail organisations such as Marks & Spencer Plc and WHSmith Ltd, we have been able to develop an understanding of the training requirements needed in Food Safety & Hygiene and Health & Safety at Work for the business, their employees, and for the benefit and expectations of customers and clients.

Company Director Rita Hockman is a member of the Royal Society for Public Health (MRSPH) and of the Institute for Learning (IfL).

Her first degree was in Communications and, as a linguist (and a fluent speaker of German and French), she has always connected with people at all levels. She has banking qualifications, in-depth experience of staff management and human resources including induction training, and setting up and delivering specialist company programmes as required.